About Us

Elherzawy co.


Elherzawy Co. for food industries& refrigerate  worked in food sector especially in manufacture, freezing for different vegetables and fruits with high quality .Top  management commit to apply, develop and continual improvement the food safety system to save the quality and safe for products and staff, also the company commit with the following:

1-Client satisfaction and expect their requirements.

2-Produce high quality, safe and healthy products by using modern, progress, safe techniques from row materials, additional and packaging  materials .

3- Applying good hygienic practices GHPs, good manufacture practices GMPs for producing safe products.

4- Compatible with the statutory and regulatory requirements and decrees for food safety, environmental, occupational health and safety in Egypt, EU, USA, and UK.

5- Select high qualified and trained staff.

6- Select the better suppliers for raw material and packaging to insure safe and high quality for final product.

7- Safe environmental for worker and factory to keep their occupational health and safety.

8- Continual improvement for occupational health and safety, environmental and food safety standards to compatible with international standards requirements .